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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good afternoon, it is a wednesday warm up. "eyewitness news" cameras along the camden waterfront this morning, instead of season greeting maybe saying season heating to each other. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get right out to katie on the skydeck. i see it is in the coat but un but the orthopedics? temperatures in the 50's? >> temperatures climbing nicely already seeing above average warm today, and we're
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keeping that theme going with additional degrees, getting tacked on to the high every passing day. right through the weekend, to the point that we end up into mid april type territory. you'll see what i am talking about when we start things off just by looking very quickly at what's going on on storm scan3, frankly not heck of a lot. quiet out there courtesy of high pressure, nice and brighton the skydeck, everywhere else, again, all courtesy of high pressure still in place, still basically keeping control of our pattern for now. there is little disturbance up and across through we'll talk about it very minimal impact that will be coming through by tomorrow. but for now, where you stands, five a degrees the expected lie in philadelphia, today, 55, as well, millville, ac, dover, almost magic number as go down to wildwood, too, little cooler obviously the further inland and north and west you travel, but nice day, currently underway, does feel very, very comfortable outside, i have to say. meanwhile, you're at 55 degrees for expected high at the shore point, much like what we just saw out in ac. really just beautiful day
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everywhere else. quickly, checking on sunday's record to beat, the laundry list is generally into the 60s, now, look at philadelphia, 65 degrees, i'll gave you a hint. it looks as though we'll tie the record on sunday, however, that is not the only day that we expect in the 60s and again we will show you just how warm it will be coming up a bill later in the show. err dismay. >> katie, thank you. >> developing right now, the fbi says the san bernardino shoot remembers radicalized at least two years, and discuss jihad as early as 2013. siting us officials, cnn is reporting farook and another unidentified individual may have conspired to carry out an attack in 2012. but the pair quote got spooked and decided not to go through with their man. cbs news has also learned that farook had $28,000 loan before the massacre. >> a philadelphia murder suspect is now in custody in florida. he was on the city's most wanted list for the shooting
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death after man in a mantua grocery store last month. our justin finch has more on the arrest, also the surprising discovery made during that fugitive's capture. >> people you think are your neighbors and everything and find out they have a jacked past. >> found in florida, kyree read, 28 year old murder suspect, wanted for the shooting and killing of a 22 year old man in philadelphia in november. >> we got information from the us marshall's out of philadelphia that a fugitive from homicide fugitive from philadelphia was in jacksonville area. >> about 5:00 tuesday evening, us marshals tracked read to home where they saw him get into a ford expedition, marshals made their move but the suv driver with reid and a baby inside, tried to flee. ramming into an us marshall's vehicle, and a county sheriff's cruiser. the suv was totaled. the driver and reid were arrested at gunpoint. >> we conducted our own investigation, found that he might be possibly here in the orange park area.
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>> just outside of jacksonville, florida, more than 850 miles away, from philadelphia's mantua section where he's wanted for the murder of 22 year old man, later identified as maurice mcdonald. back on the morning of november 10th, mcdonald was shot several times, inside the j and r perez convenience store on the 700 block of north 38th street. reid was later identified as a suspect in almost a month later, authorities new where to find him. >> the baby found in that suv is safe and is now with his mother. meantime, reid and the suv driver are staring down charges of fleeing arrest, battery, and child endanger. , the next for reid to come back to philadelphia and answer to the homicide charges. in the sat center, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> republican presidential hopeful donald trump is not backing down from his controversial comment calling on a ban on all muslims from entering the united state. responding to a question on twitter asking if drum-heard what philadelphia mayor
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michael nut her said about him, trump tweeted back, quote, question, he is accrued dope. the mayor blasted the billionaire businessman yesterday calling his proposal flat out ignorant and that if he had the power he would ban trump from philadelphia. happening today, jury selection for the trial of bucks county woman in a attack on same sex couple in center city philadelphia. twenty-five year old kathryn knott reject add plea deal. she faces several charges including aggravated assault for her alleged role in september 2014 attack. one of the victims of the attack suffered a broken jaw. the male suspect in the case entered guilty pleas in october. >> also today, lewis in court for preliminary hearing in connection with the hit-and-run death of philadelphia police officer last august. investigators say that he struck and killed off duty officer lamar pool, while he road his motorcycle in oxford circle. pool was a 18 year veteran of the philadelphia police
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department. >> today, prosecutors plan to formally charge the man who allegedly killed three people in a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. robert deer heads to court facing charges of first degree murder. he is accused of shooting a police officer and two other people to get on november 27th. if convicted he faces the death penalty or life in prison. >> a community will come together tonight to remember a fallen philadelphia firefighter. lieutenant joyce craig died one year ago today. she was killed while battling a house fire in west oaklane. tonight at 6:30, a vigil will be held in her honor athen gin 64 lawncrest. that is the firehouse where craig was stationed. she was the city's first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. >> also, today, marks the 34th anniversary of the murder of philadelphia police officer, danny faulkner. he was shot and kill on december 9th, 1981. mumia abu-jamal was convicted for the killing and is
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currently serving a life sentence. president obama is marking the anniversary of the u.s. constitution's 13th amendment abolishing slavery. the president joined by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other republican and democratic leaders within the hour in washington. president obama said giving freedom to the slaves guaranteed our own freedom. the event ratified by the states in 1865 in the aftermath of the civil war. also, today, the supreme court is hearing oral arguments in a texas woman's challenge to the use of race in college admissions. an appeals court has rejected the argument twice before. the court's renewed interest could be seen sign of majority may cut back or end affirmative education in higher education. >> coming up here on "eyewitness news", we will tell you about the bizarre items washing up on a florida beach. rahel? >> reporter: and, more than 125 elementary school children receiving gifts for the holidays today.
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i'm rahel solomon. coming up where this is all happening. >> well, thanks, also, ahead, heavy rain continues in the northwest, the latest on the flooding in portland when we come right back.
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the philadelphia police department is getting into the holiday spirit. the seconds and 15th district are hosting their annual holiday party for local school children. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us at the protestant multi-purpose hall
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out in lawncrest on more on the festivities. special day, rahel. >> it is a very special day, erika. the police district tells me they've been doing this for more than 20 years, when i asked why do it, they said, to see the joy and the excitement in these children's eyes, made it all worth it, so they continued to do it year and year and year. take a look, we want to show you some video insider the event started at 11:00. this is where all of the excitement is happening. you can see, magician inside, he has his bunny, his rabbit, and he's showing the kids some tricks. about 125 neighborhood children, from the second and 15th police district, again, each school had couple of children come. they'll receive some gift, and so, right now, about 125 kids inside. they're eating some pizza, they're going to have some drinks, that was provided by wawa. and then the big event of course, the highlight of the event, santa. special visitor from the north pole, officials tell me, he'll be here within 15 minute or so. so of course we want to get a side of santa, too. so we head inside now, get to
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see all of the children, about 125, again, receive their gift, and that's going to happen in about 15 minute or so. so i sends it back to you guys, we go head in, and get to see saint a for now reporting live, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we don't want to get in the way of you and santa, rahel, so you go take care that far. >> fingers crossed. hey, if you are still searching for the right gift be sure to check out the holiday guide on find more ways to save money on presents, and the local hours for the local malls, right at our website. hey, while out shopping, why not pick up present for our "joy of sharing" toy fest? all you have to do is buy a new, un wayed top toy, bring it to one of the drop off locations you can find list of locations at fest. still ahead, big ground breaking in camden this morning, we have that for you. also, not exactly what would you expect to find on a beach. cans of coffee washing ashore. where authorities believe this came from. katy? >> and erika, we are certainly
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looking ahead to a serious surge on the thermometer, and the days ahead. how warm are we talking? easily little dose of mid april coming our way. we'll talk about it coming up. [slow, building african-style music] it's the little moments. that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. now open in the pocono mountains. start exploring at
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welcome back, fast pacific northwest continues to be battered by record rainfall and flooding, this is new video we just got this in from washington state. look at. that will in portland more than 3 inches every rain fell in just 24 hours. and that triggered number of landslides. some home own verse been evacuated. others are trying to stay home, and they're sandbagging, but such a mess. i know we look earlier at the
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big nationwide map. katie, more for them? >> just train of storm systems that keep coming into that area. and that's unfortunate. because certainly used to rain in the northwest, but that much, that soon, makes a huge, huge impact. >> threonines one day. >> it is rough stuff. even some spots nearby, 60s, 7 inches of rain, so with that mountain us terrain, makes for very very tricky travel. >> big impact obviously, for us, the total opposite. we start it off with view here at the nationwide map. just talking about, where you can see the rain still coming in, and pounding the past northwest, northern california impacted, too, but even though the storms to try crossing the country, they're not going to have any major impact, eventually there is storm that will be brewing, come early next week. we will talk about that in the seven day. for now, very weak feature, all we've got, sort of up our sleeve here in the overall weather pattern, and the bulk of moisture very obviously across the canadian border,
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we frontal boundary, all you see with it is thin vale of clouds crossing into ohio, that's triggering few more clouds for us, as well, but doesn't really do much more than that. so, all we are banking on is a nice surge on the thermometer with time here, as the jet stream lifts north, mild air can surge in, boy, will it, starting friday, especially, we already expect to be into the 60s by that point, and the real warmth comes just in time for the weekend. i mean, this is perfect timing. specially because we have so many games going on down at the linc this weekend, right? so with that warmth, what does it mean on the thermometer? we will talk about it, here comes the next storm system that i mentioned moment ago. that's going to start brinking in cooler air by at least the beginning of the week, we will have a lot of cooling off to do, if we're going to see real chill settle in. so here are the records to beat this coming weekends, again, the warmest period of our forecast. 65 degrees is what we have to hit in order to tie the record for saturday. and 65 as well, on sunday. i think we're going to have real got shot of hitting at
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least one of the records. meanwhile, taking you back in time, do you recall that phrase, snow bull bowl? back in week 14 of 2013 of the nfl december 8th, you probably recall this if you a diehard eagles fan. remember what happened that day? 8.6 inches of fell snow fell during the day, kick off temperature in the #'s, by comparison to this sunday also week 14 we expect to kick off temperature to be 63 degrees. dry, warm, sunny, total opposite, more taste of what you would find in mid april. and it won't and typo. it will feel awesome. 13-mile per hour winds, straight up out of the south. that's where this warmth is coming f you get the southerly push of air, really helps to send the temperatures on nice uphill climb. you have clear skies right now, outside beach patrol headquarters, beautiful afternoon underway currently there. and really, that goes for the region as a whole, it is a little cloudier out near kutztown, it is dry, it is mild, even for their standards
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currently at 46 degrees with the southerly push of air. wacking you forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, only goes up from here, since tweaked the daytime high, since already at 55, i think we have the shot to hit 57 today. so we pushed it up a bit for you. key here is mild than average, warming with every passing day, to the point we expect to tie the record on sunday, and heck, army navy day doesn't look too bad either saturday. sixty-four and sunny. then next storm system will be bringing strictly rain, also win, keep it pretty mild, 06 degrees even still. >> oh, i know. and it is december. >> hard to believe. we'll take it. we love it, i'm with you, katie, thank you. time to check the philadelphia job market report. coming up in a minute. first camden county officials help subaruu break grounds on new headquarters this morning, they it with giant key to be and daring drive in the subaruu. the headquarters, actually, camden's night's crossing and bring together all subaruu employees at one main campus.
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subaruu part of the camden county community for almost 50 years. now, it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger explains how the holidays can lead to unique job opportunity. >> tis the season for on line shopping. the national retail federation reports that almost half of all holiday shopping will be digital this year. consumers will likely spends $95.5 billion on line in november and december, up from 85.9 billion in 2014. and it is that growth in e commerce that is boosting career prospects for web developers. job openings in the field will rise 20% by 2022, much faster than other carreers. for shoppers heading on line and brick and mortar retailers building out digital office, explains some of the demand. the other key driver, smart phones. as more people use their phones to access the web, companies must create mobile friendly websites. developers are responsible for designing, building, testing
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and deploying websites, while they do play a role in the creative side of project, the bulk of their time is spent on more technical duties, turning a designer's vision into a functioning on-line destination. on average, web developers here in the philadelphia area earn over $67,000 a year. and those with some graphic design know how could make even more. i'm jill schlessinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> there are certain items you should actually avoid buying in december. consumer reporter jim donovan tells us which products can actually get deeper discount if you just wait little while. that's today at 5:00. german chancellor, american he will, this year's time magazine person of the year. among the reasons they say he has help preserve and promote europe despite economic turmoil and growing revie jew crisis, first woman to be named person of the year, since 1986. time says other contenders for the honor included caitlin jenner, donald trump and black lives matter activists. >> and, they're rolling out the red carpet for philadelphia's reese whitley, the 15 year old just named sport illustrated 2015 sport kid of the year.
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congratulations. whitley will make appearance at the magazine's big party at the linc, this afternoon, honoring him for all of his accomplishments, well done. >> a young survivor makes simple holiday wish sparking a world-wide response. the fear carries entire family was killed in a fire in up-state new york two years ago. the eight year old suffer burns over 75% of her body. recently posted her holiday wish on facebook, listen to this, all she's asking for are enough holiday cards to fill up that little christmas tree, one of those card holding christmas trees. since then received dozens of cards with more on the way, but you can hop on facebook, get her information, once again, her name -- nafir terry. next story might perk you up this noon. hundreds of cans and bricks, washed up on a florida beach. watch right here. beach-goers who stumble across a treasure walk away with as
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many channels as they could carry. where did did it all come from? the ship headed to puerto rico lost several shipping contains err over the weekends, definitely one of the strange he is items ever washed up on a beach there. >> a lot of things, toothbrushes, and iron one time, a bible one time, you never know what you will fine, but pretty unusual. >> save your trip to the market, no word on if the copy was still any good after putting, might have little salty taste to t. >> all right, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. for katie all every us here thanks for watching. >> eyewitness continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next.
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>> adam: jack, i convinced my father to take up his differences with you in court. now, he loved the idea of having the law on his side. he loved the idea of watching jabot suffer tremendous financial loss and public humiliation. >> jack: i'm sure he did. >> adam: here's what he didn't know. i built in an exit strategy for you. >> chelsea: and what was that? >> adam: it's very simple. you cut billy loose. you let him take the fall. >> chelsea: what are you saying? >> adam: it's not like that, sweetheart. it's just business. >> chelsea: it's -- it's wrong. all of it. after everything jack's done for you, you would advise victor to sue his family for everything they have? >> adam: hold on a second. this is much better than letting my father use santori money to go after the abbotts. jack, he's gonna blindside you guys. you won't even see it coming. you know that, right? >> chelsea: so you're expecting jack to dodge a lawsuit by blaming billy for paragon? >> adam: blaming? billy did it. he's guilty, sweetheart.


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